Landing and Airport Transit

Land in China

After you land on the airport, you should first go through the following procedures before heading for your school. When you get out of the airport, you can take a taxi or a shuttle bus to your school. Taxis are metered in China and they cost 40US cents per kilometer on average in China’s big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is not customary to tip drivers in China. As for airport shuttle bus, you should make sure if it is available and which line(s) you should take. Actually Transportation Guide on Boswin provides you comprehensive information about how to get to your university easily. Besides, in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, you can also take high-speed trains.
Boswin Reminder: It is suggested you book an airport pick-up service with Boswin beforehand so that we can pick you upon your arrival at the airport. For students who want to book an airport pick-up, please email to

Airport Transit

Boswin Reminder:

1. If the taxi is not metered, you’d better not take it. For it maybe a black-cab (not licensed), the driver of which may overcharges you.
2. You can download a map on Google of the school you are heading for and show it to the taxi driver.
3. If you arrive at night, you are suggested to book a hotel before departure. The university will not provide the register service at night, before which the superintendant of the school will not let you in.
4. If you have booked the Boswin pickup service, you had better look for us after going though the security check, Boswin service team will wait an hour before your plane land with a board reading your name and your school name and about two hours after the arrival of your plane. So if your flight or luggage are delayed, please inform the service staff ahead of time so that we will wait for you.