How to Apply

Step I ⊳ Register and Login

First You need to Register in Boswin Education System and Login using the chosen username and password.

Step II ⊳ Complete Application Form Online

Once logged in choose the program you prefer and Click Register & Apply. Then Fill in the application form completely and accurately.

Step III ⊳ Upload Required Documents

According to the university’s admission criteria, you are required to upload photocopies of required application documents.

How to prepare the photocopies?

A. Use a scanner to scan your documents and create an image on your computer.

B. You may use a digital camera or mobile phone with camera, be sure to make the photos clear and legible.

C. Each file exceeding 8 MB (megabytes) can not be uploaded and all the materials should be image files (.gif, .jpg), Adobe PDF, (.pdf) documents, MS-Word (.doc), or compression files (.rar, .zip).

How to upload documents?

A. Click ‘SELECT FILES’ in the column of ‘File Uploads’.

B. Choose the required documents from your computer.

C. Click OK to upload.

The uploading time may vary from several seconds to one minute according to your local connection speed. When your documents are uploading, please DO NOT leave the current section or make any changes.

What photocopies of the documents to upload?

You may be required to upload the following documents

Photocopy of valid passport

Certificate/diploma of highest education

Academic transcript of highest education

Letter of guarantee

Health certificate

Certification of no criminal record

Certificate of HSK /Results of IETLS or TOEFL

Passport photos

Photocopy of valid visa or residence permit

Personal ID card

Financial support statement


You may be asked to upload more or less documents depending on each Program’s detailed requirements. To confirm Contact Us

Step IV ⊳ Pay Fees/Send to University